"The Success of the Abominable Snow Race rests solely on the generous shoulders of our Volunteers" - Bill Wolfe, Founder


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Ready to join the Abominable Volunteer Team?

Still Need Convincing?  Volunteers Earn Free Swag and VIP Perks!

2020 Abominable Cinch Sack

Each volunteer receives an Abominable Snow Race Cinch Sack.  This is Cinch sack is made of Jute Material (plant based fibers), and stands up to the winter elements.  Inside your cinch sack is a Course Map, Safety Guidelines, Water, Snacks, Kleenex Tissues, and Lip Balm.  Volunteers receive it at the start of their shift.    


Free Craft Beer

Each volunteer receives free Point Brewery Craft Beer ticket, for use after the completion of their shift.  For volunteers under 21, and for those not interested in Beer, you can redeem the ticket for an Hot Chocolate or a White Claw Hard Seltzer (over 21 only).  

Free Race Entry

Volunteers can race the 2020 Abominable Snow Race for Free.  Each racer earns a Finisher Medal, an Abominable beanie, and an ASR Finisher's T-Shirt.  Earn 1 race entry for each shift you work, and share your hard earned race codes with Friends.  


VIP Access

Volunteers have VIP access to behind the scenes race day operations, including our VIP break area, filled with snacks, hot chocolate, and a place to escape the winter weather.  We truly believe that volunteers make it all possible, and are happy to treat them like VIP Yeti's for the day.


Ready to join the Abominable Volunteer Team?