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Just the FAQs....

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If I volunteer, do I get to race for free?

Yes! If you decide to volunteer for a half or a full day you may run the course on Saturday or Sunday Free of charge. Spaces are limited. To find out more details on volunteering just click the button below.

Is there Lodging onsite at the race?

Yes, $99 rooms rates are available for Yeti Nation. Devil's Head Resort offers full service lodging and 5 onsite restaurants and bars. Call or go online at Use Group Code: ASR2019 for the $99 Rate.

Is there childcare onsite at the resort?

Yes, Devil's Head offers childcare for ages 6 months to 8 years old, at a rate of $8/hr per child, from 9a to 5p on Saturday and Sunday. For more information on the Childcare program, call Devil's Head direct at 608-493-2204.

What's the food and drink situation?

We'll be serving cold craft beer, water, and soda in the ASR Base Camp tents. Also, Devil's Head will be selling BBQ onsite. Feel free to bring snacks of your own, but please no alcohol.

Can I Get a Refund?

No. Unfortunately we do not offer refunds under any circumstance. You can sell or give your registration to someone else. (See Transfer Questions) You may also transfer your registration to the 2020 Abominable Snow Race (Location & Date TBD). This transfer must be done one week before the 2019 race day. Transfers completed by Jan 26, 2019, will be allowed.

Can I change my Heat?

Yes, you may change your wave time, however you may only switch into a wave time that still has open slots. There is no transfer fee, however you will be asked to pay the difference in cost should the price of that heat be higher than what you paid. increase, but should the price increase, you will pay the difference in price to To change your wave time, complete the wave change form. The deadline to change your wave is 1 week before the event (be Jan 26, 2019).

Can I transfer my race to someone else?

Yes, you may transfer your registration to another racer. Press the button below for instructions. The deadline to transfer your registration is 1 week before the event (by Jan 26, 2019). It works like this... the seller will send an invitation to the buyer... the buyer will accept the invitation, and pay for their race entry. At that time, the seller will receive a full refund.

I registered before the announcement of the new location. What happens to my race entry?

To start, you would have been contacted via direct email from our owner, regarding this question. If you've changed emails, then please know that your race (formerly 1/26 at Grand Geneva), has been transferred to Saturday Feb 2nd at Devil's Head. You have the option to move to any heat, race category or day (Saturday or Sunday). If you don't want to change heats or days, then there's nothing to do.. just show up on Saturday, Feb 2nd 1 hours before your heat time. If you'd like to make a change, email us at

I want to do more than 1 lap, do you still have the unlimited laps = unlimited medals add-on?

Yes, you can add unlimited laps to your race on both days (Feb 2nd and 3rd). Add unlimited laps to the Adventure Course (Sat, Feb 2nd) for $35, and to the Expedition Course (Sun, Feb 3rd) for $25. On Saturday, your last lap may not start after 2p. Then on Sunday, the deadline is 12p. Laps in excess of 1 earn a Multi-lap medal, which you will claim at the ASR timing tent, after you've completed your race.

Is there a competitive heat, and what are the awards?

To receive the distinction of the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place Overall or Masters champion you must run in the Elite Heats (Men 8a, Women 8:15a), AND you must complete every obstacle. If you fail an obstacle, you must begin that obstacle again. Those competing for Overall or Masters in the elite heat wave must wear a band provided by The Abominable Snow Race at the start line. You may attempt an obstacle as many times as you wish. However, if you cannot properly complete an obstacle, you must take your band off and give it to the obstacle attendant. You are no longer eligible to win the Overall or Masters award. top 3 Overall and Masters (40+) Men and Women earn a cash prize and trophy. $300 | $200 | $100 An awards ceremony for the Overall and Masters male and female winners will take place between 10:00 and 11:00 a.m in the center of base camp. Most laps is another category that is awarded. Top Male and Female in the unlimited laps category will be crowned King and Queen of the mountain. Awards at 4p on Saturday, and 2p on Sunday. $200 Cash Award and Trophy to the winners. 3 Lap minimum to qualify for the award. Time runs consistently, even during your breaks. We track # of laps completed only, not specific lap times. Performance in Age group and Gender categories will be tracked as well, but are not awarded.

Are spectators free? Can my family watch?

Yes, your family and friends are more than welcome to come and watch you race. Spectators are Free, but must sign a waiver before entry. Spectators may access the entire course at their own risk. The ski lift will be running all day. Spectators can ride to the top at a cost of $10 each (lift pass good all day). Spectators will need to stay off the course trail and out of the way of runners. There is also a Kids Race available to anyone ages 4-11.

Are obstacles mandatory?

Obstacles are voluntary for all racers except those running in the Elite heats. Please make smart decisions while on the course. The winter elements, and our obstacles will provide a challenge... please know your limits and use good judgement when conquering them. There is no penalty for not completing the obstacle.

Are there water obstacles on the course?

There is no water obstacles on the course. So no fear in getting wet in the cold. However, remember that you will sweat, so be sure to wear gear that has good sweat wicking performance. Cotton material is not encouraged race day.

Is ASR an OCRWC qualifying course?

Not at this time, although we will continue to apply.

What if I can't make it on Race Day?

You may transfer your registration to another runner online if the signup deadline has not passed (Deadline is Jan 26, 2019). There is no fee to do this. If the signup deadline has passed, you may transfer your registration on race day. There is a $10 fee to do this. You will need to send an email or signed note with the person running in your place. You may also transfer your race to 2020, before the transfer deadline of Jan 26, 2019. You should make sure you will be able to attend the event before purchasing your registration, just like you would for a concert or sporting event. There will be no refunds.

Where do I put my keys, cell phone, and wallet, etc?

There will be a free bag check where we can store your belongings while you participate in the race or hang out in Base Camp.

What do I get for conquering the course?

All racers will receive a Finisher's T-Shirt, an Abominable Beanie, a Yeti sized finisher's Medal, and free Craft Brew or Hot Chocolate. Those that complete multiple laps, will get an additional medal for each lap completed. Claim your multi-lap medals at the timing booth after you're complete with your run. Those that complete Both courses: The 7-8 Mile Adventure Course and the 3-4 Mile Expedition Course will earn the coveted Yeti Nation Medal.

Can we sign up as a team?

The Abominable Snow Race is best enjoyed with friends! To run as a group, have all of your members sign-up for the same team during registration. You will be timed individually and not as a team. You may run in different heats and/or race categories. We offer group discounts for groups of 20 or more. email us at

Are event pictures available?

Yes, there will be photographers placed throughout the course to take pictures of each individual runner. These pictures will be made available after the race for you to download free of charge. Keep in mind, these are action shots, so it’s possible they won’t catch the perfect picture of you, but that probably means you are having a blast on the course. We do not take the photographs. A third party is contracted to perform this service, and you must search for your own photos. You will need to contact them with any questions you have.

Where do I find Results?

Race results will be posted as they come in throughout the day at the results/timing tent. After the race, they will be posted online at If you can’t find your time, email our timing company at They will do everything they can to find your time for you. Keep in mind, we are trying to use an electronic chip to time you as conquer an abominable course of snow, ice, mud and obstacles. Your chip may break, it may come off, and it may even malfunction. There is nothing that we or anyone can do about this; this is just part of race timing and it happens at every race. If you are obsessed with knowing your time, wear a stop watch as a back-up. Remember, in the end, it is about completing the race, not who does it the fastest.


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