Meet Our Abominable Trainers!

The Abominable Snow Race is committed to helping you meet all of your OCR fitness goals! From Fitness, Fuel, Gear to Mental Prep, our trainers tailor their programs to ensure you are ready conquer our Abominable Winter Obstacle Course.

Ryan Hart,

Powered by Certified Personal Trainers and Spartan SGX Coaches, HartFit Spartan SGX & FLATline OCR is the pinnacle of Obstacle Course Race training in the Chicagoland area. Located in Plainfield. IL, Hart Fitness boasts a gym and community as specialized in OCR as the programs they offer.  
NPTI Certified Personal Trainer, Spartan SGX Coach, Obstacle Specialist Certified, Spartan EDGE Certified
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HartFit HIIT - OCR Focused Strength and Conditioning 
Back To Basics (B2B) - OCR Focused Mobility/Recovery/Injury Prevention
OCR Simulations - OCR Performance based race simulations
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Sarah Pozdol,

Sarah is an Elite OCR Athlete, Mother, and Professional Fitness Trainer.  Her passion is to help get people off the couch and on the course, encouraging all individuals to take life's obstacles head-on.  Her programs are meant to compliment your existing workouts, and elevate your Mind, Body, and Spirit to reach your full potential.

NASM CPT; YES, CrossFit L2, CrossFit Gymnastics, USAWeightlifting L1, Mobility WOD 102, Mobility WOD PS, Spartan SGX, Spartan Obstacle Specialist, POSE Run Method, 2017 Coach for Team Army in Iceland.

Online Educational Programs: 
OCR Breakdown - 4 Weeks of online education paired with either:
Couch to Course™ - Beginner OCR Training program
Cruise the Course™ - Experienced OCR Training program
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Crystal Hart, Hart Healthy & Wellness, LLC

Living healthy starts with eating healthy.  The Hart Healthy Nutritional Program is a personalized nutritional plan that provides the proper nourishment for your body on race day.  More than a food plan, this program focuses your understanding and the science behind a healthy diet.  Coach Crystal provides personal support for each client along with the realistic application of dietary needs, to fit your lifestyle.   

Online Programs:  
6, 12, 24, and 52 week personalized nutrition plans

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