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Race Day Info for the 2018 Abominable Snow Race!

You’ve signed up, you’ve trained and prepared.  Now it’s time to show up and conquer The Mountain Top at 2018 Abominable Snow Race.  Below is important race day info… please read thru it carefully before race day:


Early Packet Pickup is being held on Friday, January 26th from 3-7p at Avant Bicycle & Café, in beautiful downtown Lake Geneva.  We encourage everyone to pick up early, if possible, to reduce the time waiting in line on race day.

  • Avant Bicycle & Café
  • 234 Broad St
  • Lake Geneva, WI 53147
  • 262-203-5141

Race day Packet Pickup is an option too, please be sure to arrive at the check-in tents at least 1 hour before your heat time.

What to Bring with you at packet pick up:

  1. Please bring a copy of your registration confirmation with QR Code. You can show us on your phone, or print a copy and bring it with you.
  2. Please bring proper ID to show at registration (Military ID, Discharge Papers, or other government papers will be accepted for our Heroes).

At check-in you will receive your Bib, safety pins, a timing chip (if applicable), and your racer swag (t-shirt & beanie). Your Bib contains 2 tear away tickets, one for your bag check and the other for your Drink (Craft Brew or Hot Chocolate).

Unlimited Laps:  If you’ve signed up for unlimited laps, you will receive an Unlimited Laps band during check-in as well

To check your scheduled heat time, Click on the View My Registration Link on your MyEvents Page of your account, or check the confirmation emails that we will be sending the week before the race.


Online registration closes at midnight on January 26th.  Race day prices are below: We accept Cash or Credit/Debit at registration.

  • AM Open Heats $85
  • PM Open Heats $75
  • Elite Heats $95
  • Heroes Heat (SOLD OUT)
  • Unlimited Laps $30
  • LiL-Yeti Race $25
  • Timing Chip $10​

Please allow for extra time, if you’re registering on race day.


Parking is $10 per car, and space is limited, so we encourage people to carpool.  Racers will park onsite, in the airport landing strip at the Grand Geneva.  GG staff will direct you where to go and collect the $10.  Once you park, you’ll jump on the bus, then shuttle over to the ski hill (about 1/4 mile away).


Spectator entry is free on race day.  Please check in at the registration tents to sign your waiver.  Once you’re in, grab a Craft Brew, check out our ASR Gear tent, and watch the fun.   Spectators can access the trails to watch runners, but are not allowed on the ski hill, due to safety reasons and Wisconsin Ski laws.  Thank you for your understanding.


ASR has gone digital with our Goodie Bags… here’s how it works.  On January 24th, you will receive an email from ASR with a bunch of goodies.  When you receive the email, look thru the bag, and when an item catches your eye, simply claim it and then you’ll be able to use it at a later date.  Please take note of expiration dates, as some offers are available for a limited time only.  You must claim the prizes before the online goodie bag site closes on February 5th.


Awarded heats (Elites/Heroes) receive a timing chip with their registration.  Timing chips are optional for Racers in the Open Heats.  You can purchase a timing chip before race day for $7 by going to the MyEvent section of your account (Under purchase merchandise).  The timing chips are $10 on race day.

Unlimited Laps will be timed much like a triathlon, and we will track your time for each lap.  Your time starts when you cross the start line for the first time.  and ends when you cross the finish line the last time.  The clock is running until then.

Results will be live online as they become available.  We will also post paper results in the Winter Village.  A link to the web results will be made available a couple days before race day.  Please check back.


Bag Check

Bag Check is free on race day, and located just behind the check in tents.  Once you’ve check in, present your Bag Check ticket (attached to your bib) to the bag check attendant.  To retrieve your bag, please present your race bib that matches the bag check ticket.

​Changing Rooms

Also located just inside the check-in gates, is a 53’ heated changing trailer, with 10 individual stalls.  We recommend bringing a change of clothes.  You’re going to sweat during the race, and once you cool down after the race you’ll be miserable.  I change of clothes will come in handy.  For your convenience, the Bag Check tent is near the Changing Rooms.


Transfer to Different Heat

If you miss your heat time, we will get you into the next available heat.  If you wish to transfer to an earlier or later heat, please show up at least 1 hour before the desired heat time and we will do our best to move you into an available heat.  Many heats have sold out, and for safety reasons, these heats are no longer available.  There is no charge for switching heats.

Transfer to another racer

To transfer your race to another racer, go to the MyEvents section of your account.  There you can transfer your race to another racer.  You get a full refund, once the new racer pays the full race registration.

Transfer to 2019

You can transfer your race to the 2019 if you can’t make it this year.  To do so, please send an email to  We will process all transfers to 2019 after the 2018 Race.  Please allow up to 3 weeks to process.  You’ll receive an invitation to the 2019 event sometime in the middle of February 2018.  Transfer requests must be received by midnight, January 26th.  Requests that come in after this date, will not be accepted.


The Abominable Snow Race will not be cancelled due to weather or any other circumstance.  Rain, Snow, Bitter Cold, or Sunshine … the race goes one.


We do not process any refunds.  Please refer to the options above regarding a transfer to another racer or a transfer to the 2018 event.


Volunteers will be contacted directly by our Volunteer Director.  The email package will contain check-in, parking, and swag information.  You’re role on race day will be sent via email as well.  We appreciate the support from our volunteers.  We couldn’t do it without you!


Time & place

  • 11a at the Awards Circle (Middle of Base Camp


  • Men’s Elite Heat
    • Top 3 Overall
    • Top 3 Masters (40+)
  • Women’s Elite Heat
    • Top 3 Overall
    • Top 3 Masters (40+)
  • Heroes’ Heat
    • Top 3 Men & Women Overall
  • Unlimited Laps Champion
    • Top Male & Female will be crowned King and Queen of the Mountain


  • Men’s and Women’s Elite:
    • 1st Place $500 Cash, ASR Trophy, & a Bottle of Spirits from Rush Creek Distilling
    • 2nd Place $250 Cash, ASR Trophy, & a Bottle of Spirits from Rush Creek Distilling
    • 3rd Place $100 and an ASR Trophy
  • Men’s and Women’s Masters Elite (40+):
    • 1st Place $300 Cash, ASR Trophy, & a Bottle of Spirits from Rush Creek Distilling
    • 2nd Place $200 Cash, ASR Trophy, & a Bottle of Spirits from Rush Creek Distilling
    • 3rd Place $100 and an ASR Trophy
  • Men’s and Women’s Heroes’ Heat:
    • 1st Place $300 Cash, ASR Trophy, & a Bottle of Spirits from Rush Creek Distilling
    • 2nd Place $200 Cash, ASR Trophy, & a Bottle of Spirits from Rush Creek Distilling
    • 3rd Place $100 and an ASR Trophy
  • Unlimited Laps Champions:
    • King and Queen of the Mountain Trophy

Elite/Hero Heat Rules

  • Elites & Hero’s must run the extended course (~5.5 Miles, 25 Obstacles).
  • Obstacle completion is mandatory.
  • It’s “Bands Over Burpees” this year.
    • You’ll be given 3 bands. You’ll lose a band after each failed attempt.
    • Lose all 3 bands before you finish, and you do not qualify for the awards
  • The first 3 Men and Women in each Race Category, that cross the finish line with 1 or more bands, will be crowned the winner.

Unlimited Laps Rules

Unlimited lap participants must run the extended course (Elite and Hero Course) on every lap, to qualify for the King & Queen of the Mountain award.  Winner will be determined by must laps.  If there is a tie, then fastest overall time will break the tie.

Carries and pulls

  • Bucket Carry:
    • Men: Full bucket
    • Women: ¾ bucket
  • Sled Pull
    • Men: 3 sand bags
    • Women: 2 sand bags

Respect & Integrity

  • We ask that you please be courteous and respect to your fellow racers and the integrity of the race by adhering to these rules.  ASR volunteers cannot always catch when racers are cheating, so please race with integrity.  Thank you and good luck to all racers competing on race day.
Very well laid out. Check-in was quick. The course was very technical and challenging.
Michael Parsons

Member of Yeti Nation

Excellent time & the cleanest you'll ever be when finishing an obstacle course race.
Michael LaRiviere

Member of Yeti Nation

Very challenging and fun course!!! Can't wait to do it again!!!
Jessica E Fuentes

Member of Yeti Nation

It was an awesome and challenging event. Great for individuals or teams.
Benjamin Runkle

Member of Yeti Nation

The race was amazing from start to finish. The obstacles were very challenging, the terrain was snowy and hilly, and there was very little wait time getting on the obstacles. The avalanche snow tube obstacle was lots of fun and a good change of pace.
Greg A Johnson

Member of Yeti Nation

So much fun! The obstacles were challenging, but not intimidating. Beautiful trails to run on, which weren't congested. If you wanted to pass someone, you could. The view from the top of the hill was great. The organizers did an awesome job! I'll be back next year!
Renee Bleske Keeney

Member of Yeti Nation

Great race! Well organized, course was marked well, descent obstacles, and excellent use of terrain. It's for athletes of all levels or can be just for fun. There's challenging and fun aspects to the entire event.
Christopher Kaufmann

Member of Yeti Nation

This was the most organized and managed event I've ran. As a first responder (firefighter/paramedic) the heroes heat was a very nice tribute. The obstacles were put together nicely and the running route flowed well. Looking forward to next year. Thank you again for making this a memorable race.
Jason Paszkowski

Member of Yeti Nation

Did it last year and came back for more! Thanks for a great event, well organized and the course was excellent this year! New obstacles were a blast. Can't wait until next year.
Amanda Sutherland Elmer

Member of Yeti Nation

My husband and I are from Pennsylvania and flew out just for this race! It was well organized and everyone was super friendly and helpful, the obstacles were challenging and well laidout! We do mud/obstacle runs but this was our first snow/obstacle. Definitely a cool location and a really good obstacle run! It was well worth the trip!
Carrie Zimmerman

Member of Yeti Nation

Excellent!!, Well organized, Great Obstacles, Plenty of snow.
Carlos Velazquez

Member of Yeti Nation

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