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2018 Abominable Snow Race

Event Info

Event Pricing and Upgrades

Event is Limited to the first 2700 Racers!

Registration opens at 8am CDT, on Sunday, October 1, 2017

Check out our FAQ page for answers you may not find here,
including info on our Transfer, Cancellation, and Refund Policies.

What’s included for Yeti Nation?


2018 Abominable Abominable Swag

All 2018 participants will receive an Exclusive Abominable Snow Race T-Shirt and a custom ASR Finisher’s Medal.  Upgraded for 2018, the ASR finisher’s medal measures in at 3.5″ diameter, is 6MM thick, and weighs 1lb.  You’ll need to reinforce your medal hangers for this one.  Register for Unlimited Laps and receive a custom ASR Finisher’s Medal for each lap you complete (No limit).   Complete your Abominable experience with a Free Local Craft Brew at the finish, provided by our friends Geneva Lake Brewing Company.

Free Professional Pictures

We’re bringing back Free professional photos in 2018.  For 2018, there will be three designated professional picture stations located at key obstacles throughout the course.  Stop at one or all three of these stations to ensure we capture your Abominable experience.  In addition to these 3 stations, we’ll have our professions out there capturing you in action.  Please note, that you’re only guaranteed a picture at the 3 stations… we’ll do our best to capture you in action.  Be on the look out for these professionals and make sure to “strike a pose” when you see them.

Free Local Craft Brew

All participants (21 and older) will receive a Free Local Craft Brew at the finish from our friends at Geneva Lake Brewing.  Not satisfied with One Craft Brew?  Geneva Lake Brewing Company will have 4 ice-cold craft brews on tap race-day.  Head inside the Yeti’s lodge or hang out in the ASR Base camp while you enjoy the finest local craft brew.  Below are a few styles you may see on tap at the 2018 ASR Event (click below to vote for your favorite craft brew):

  • Oatmeal Stout (ABV: 5.7  IBU: 25)
  • Weekender Wheat (ABV:  4.6  IBU: 14)
  • Boathouse Blonde (ABV 4.9  IBU:  15)
  • Implosion Double IPA (ABV 9.3  IBU 85)
  • No Wake IPA (ABV 7.2  IBU 50)
  • Seasonal/Custom Craft (TBA)

Real Deals in our

Virtual Goodie Bag

Score Abominable Deals from our 2018 sponsors in your very own Virtual ASR Goodie Bag.  Here’s how it works.  About a week before the event, we will send you an email with a link to your ASR Goodie Bag.  Click the link and check out all the great offers.. and when an item catches your eye, simply claim it and you’ll be able to use it at a later date.  All offers should be claimed before the Goodie Bag Close Date, which is approximately two weeks after the event.


Want to place your offer in the Virtual Bag?  Learn more about our sponsorship opportunities here.

Coach Pain at The Start Line

Coach Pain returns to #ConductHisBusiness at the start line of the 2018 Abominable Snow Race.  Coach Pain has motivated OCR racers across the globe, and he’s sure to get your blood pumping at the Abominable start line this winter.  So on January 27, 2018… Get out and play and “Conduct Your Business”!

– Coach Pain

Free Bag Check

Improved for 2018, racer’s now have access to Free Onsite Bag Check.  Bag check will be located inside the ASR Base Camp, so take comfort your supplies will be near by.  If you’re signed up for Unlimited Laps, your bags will be checked next to the Unlimited Laps Refueling Station (Also located inside the ASR Base Camp).  ASR Staff will be onsite in both areas to ensure the highest protection of personal items.

Heated Bathrooms

and Changing Rooms

Let’s face it… more is better when it comes to race day bathrooms and changing rooms.  Located on the edge of the ASR Base Camp, will be a trailer with 10 heated individual changing rooms, and along side it, a heated bathroom trailer.  These will compliment areas inside the Yeti’s lodge, and help relieve higher traffic areas.


ASR is focused First on the race experience, and 2018 is shaping up to be Abominable.  Get out and play this winter…

Fun with Yeti

The Yeti, once better known as the Abominable Snowman, is a mysterious bipedal creature said to live in the mountains of Asia.  It sometimes leaves tracks in snow, but is also said to dwell below the Himalayan snow line. Despite dozens of expeditions into the remote mountain regions of Russia, China, and Nepal, the existence of the yeti has yet to be proven….Until now!

On January 27, 2018… be sure to capture your own Abominable moment… we’ll have a few Yeti’s lurking around The Mountain Top.  Track one down and prove to the world that you took Winter, head-on!

20+ Winter Themed Obstacles to Conquer

Very well laid out. Check-in was quick. The course was very technical and challenging.
Michael Parsons

Member of Yeti Nation

Excellent time & the cleanest you'll ever be when finishing an obstacle course race.
Michael LaRiviere

Member of Yeti Nation

Very challenging and fun course!!! Can't wait to do it again!!!
Jessica E Fuentes

Member of Yeti Nation

It was an awesome and challenging event. Great for individuals or teams.
Benjamin Runkle

Member of Yeti Nation

The race was amazing from start to finish. The obstacles were very challenging, the terrain was snowy and hilly, and there was very little wait time getting on the obstacles. The avalanche snow tube obstacle was lots of fun and a good change of pace.
Greg A Johnson

Member of Yeti Nation

So much fun! The obstacles were challenging, but not intimidating. Beautiful trails to run on, which weren't congested. If you wanted to pass someone, you could. The view from the top of the hill was great. The organizers did an awesome job! I'll be back next year!
Renee Bleske Keeney

Member of Yeti Nation

Great race! Well organized, course was marked well, descent obstacles, and excellent use of terrain. It's for athletes of all levels or can be just for fun. There's challenging and fun aspects to the entire event.
Christopher Kaufmann

Member of Yeti Nation

This was the most organized and managed event I've ran. As a first responder (firefighter/paramedic) the heroes heat was a very nice tribute. The obstacles were put together nicely and the running route flowed well. Looking forward to next year. Thank you again for making this a memorable race.
Jason Paszkowski

Member of Yeti Nation

Did it last year and came back for more! Thanks for a great event, well organized and the course was excellent this year! New obstacles were a blast. Can't wait until next year.
Amanda Sutherland Elmer

Member of Yeti Nation

My husband and I are from Pennsylvania and flew out just for this race! It was well organized and everyone was super friendly and helpful, the obstacles were challenging and well laidout! We do mud/obstacle runs but this was our first snow/obstacle. Definitely a cool location and a really good obstacle run! It was well worth the trip!
Carrie Zimmerman

Member of Yeti Nation

Excellent!!, Well organized, Great Obstacles, Plenty of snow.
Carlos Velazquez

Member of Yeti Nation

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* Our Newsletter members received exclusive deals to the 2018 Abominable Snow Race event, and on ASSR Gear. Your email will never be shared.